Our resources for translators

On this page, we collected all of our resources to support you while translating for lengoo. They can help you to produce perfect translations. If you have not worked with us yet or if you want to gain insight into lengoo’s entire translation process, you can dowload our process as PDF-file:

Process guide

In addition, it is possible to contact our customer directly within our portal, so you can discuss details about the job quickly and easily. We have short guidelines for an effective and swift communication with our customers:

Customer communication guidelines

Build up your translation skills

The most basic qualifications a translator should have are excellent language skills in both source and target language. However, there is much more to translation than that. As a translator, you can always improve your skills in different fields. Therefore, we put together a whole package of interesting presentations and exercises, with which you can constantly improve your skills.

Section 1: Getting Started

In this section, you learn what awaits you as a translator at lengoo. What’s the standard translation process? What do our customers expect from our translations? What do we expect from you and what do you have to pay attention to?

Section 2: Common Mistakes

In this section, we show you at which points during a translation mistakes most often occur. Moreover, we show you how to avoid these mistakes and provide you with a respective check list.

Section 3: Handling New Terms

In this section, you learn how to handle new, unknown terms that you find in your source text. Moreover, we provide you with some useful tips regarding online dictionaries and internet research.

Section 4: Handling Typical Translation Problems

In this section, we cover some problems that frequently occur during translations. At the same time, we introduce possible solutions to these problems.

Section 5: Proofreading

In this section, you can find information about proofreading. Moreover, we show you what you have to pay attention to and what we expect from your reviews.

Section 6: Making Your Translation Sound Natural

In this section, we provide you with some tips on how to make your translation sound natural in the target language so the reader does not notice that it is a translation.


Style guides

Every language has its own conventions with regard to text formatting. Therefore, we at lengoo set standards for the most common languages and wrote them down in style guides. These style guides define how to deal with, e.g., dates, quotation marks, etc. in different target languages. You can download all our style guides below. Please comply with them in all translations you produce for lengoo.

Style guide EnglishThis is our style guide for translations into the English language.

Style guide GermanThis is our style guide for translations into the German language.

Style guide FrenchThis is our style guide for translations into the French language.

Style guide SpanishThis is our style guide for translations into the Spanish language.

Style guide ChineseThis is our style guide for translations into the Chinese language.



Please check here for tutorials relating to all things handling the lengoo platform, from accepting and delivering your first translation job to questions about invoicing or credit notes to communicating with other translators, proofreaders or our clients.

First Translation Job

How can I accept and deliver my first translation job for lengoo.

First Proof Reading Job

How can I accept and deliver my first proof reading job for lengoo.

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