Proofreading and copy-editing by experienced native speakers for a perfect copy

High-quality texts are a cornerstone of great communication. Our experienced native speakers proofread and copy-edit your texts.

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When proofreading your texts, we make sure it fulfills all rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and hyphenation. In addition, we work out minor linguistic and stylistic imperfections or inconsistencies concerning the contents.


When copy-editing, we improve the style and content of your texts. In addition, the process includes all elements of our regular proofreading service (i.e. revision of spelling, grammar, hyphenation, and punctuation).

Translation revision

When revising a translation, we compare source and target texts regarding the correct transfer of meaning and content as well as wording and style. In addition, we revise the spelling, grammar, hyphenation, and punctuation of the target text.

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